Tikkun Olam

IMG_1173Tikkun Olam—loosely translated in Hebrew as “repairing the world”—is a call to all of us to perform positive acts to help make the world a better place. In answer to this call, The Salamander Group launched its corporate responsibility program—Tikkun Olam—in 2007. The program focuses specifically on the improvement of the local community with the belief that helping to ensure a healthy local community is the first step in healing the world at large. THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL!
At each of our shops in Aruba, when a client makes a purchase, they are asked to choose from a menu of local foundations and charities, each of which promotes a better Aruba—and a better world—in its own unique way. We then donate a percentage of the client’s purchase to the organization of their choice.
The following is a complete list of local foundations and charities sponsored by The Salamander Group. For further information about them, please click on the links or contact them directly.

  • Autism Foundation
  • Bon Nochi Drumi Dushi
  • Fundacion pa Hende Muher den Dificultad
  • Koningin Wilhelmina Fonds voor de Kankerbestrijding
  • Mary Joan Foundation
  • Telefon pa Hubentud